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Behind The Lens

Hello lovely! My name is Kassie Marie.


I've loved telling stories for as long as I can remember and making stories come to life through photography is just one way I enjoy doing it.


In college, I studied Multimedia and was a Digital Entertainment minor. During my three-and-a-half years, I learned a lot about how to not only tell a story but how to capture it both in a still picture and on film.


I'm currently a Graduate Student studying English- Creative Writing with the ultimate goal of writing scripts for short and feature-length films, and possibly one day write for a video game. I'm currently working on writing my first Novella (a short novel) as a part of my Masters Thesis and I look forward to sharing it with the world very soon.



I am a Texas native who has lived in another country (Japan) and in three different states (New Jersey, Virginia and Texas).  I've also traveled to England a few years ago to visit siblings. (Long story.)



When taking photos, I love to catch people in their natural element. I believe that the more comfortable you are, the truer you can be. Those photos to me are some of the best, which is why I decide to live in the moment.

Cliché, I know. But it's true. Our lives go by in the blink of an eye, so why not enjoy each moment? 



To see more of my photography work, go to my portfolio.

To see a behind the scenes look at my latest shoot, check out my blog!

Interested in talking? Contact me and let's get coffee


I'm excited to meet you and see what stories we can make and moments we can capture!



Dream Big and Start Living!